Zulum Visits Damboa, Garjang, Orders New Hospital, Schools

Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State embarked on a visit to Damboa town and Garjang community in Damboa Local Government Area. During his visit, Governor Zulum unveiled a series of development initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the residents in these areas.

New General Hospital for Damboa

One of the key announcements made by Governor Zulum was the construction of a new General Hospital in Damboa township. The existing hospital is currently occupied by internally displaced persons (IDPs) who sought refuge there. Recognizing the need for improved healthcare services, the Governor emphasized the importance of a modern hospital that can cater to the growing population’s medical needs. The new hospital will be constructed adjacent to the existing facility and will ensure that the IDPs receive the care they require even after they leave.

Reconstruction of Damboa Secondary School

Governor Zulum also approved the reconstruction and remodeling of the Government Secondary School in Damboa. The school had suffered extensive damage due to the activities of Boko Haram insurgents. By investing in its reconstruction, the Governor aims to provide a conducive learning environment for the students and enhance educational opportunities in the area.

Revitalizing Education in Garjang

During his visit to Garjang community, Governor Zulum focused on improving the educational infrastructure and quality of education. He gave the green light for the reconstruction and fencing of two primary schools: Garjang Community Integrated Primary School and Garjang Central Primary and Junior Secondary School. These efforts will contribute to creating a safer and more conducive learning environment for the students.

Additionally, Governor Zulum assessed the performance of the students and acknowledged the need for more qualified teachers. As a result, he authorized the recruitment of additional teachers from the local community who possess the necessary qualifications. This step will strengthen the education system and enhance the delivery of quality education to the students of Garjang.

Notable Figures in the Governor’s Entourage

Accompanying Governor Zulum on his visit was Professor Baba Mallam Gana, a UK-based Urological Surgeon and native of Garjang town. The Governor also had Engr Ibrahim Idriss, the immediate past Special Adviser on Monitoring and Evaluation, and Dr. Ali Umar Bashir, a project coordinator at the Multi Crises Recovery Project (MCRP) of the World Bank as part of his entourage.

These development initiatives reflect Governor Zulum’s commitment to uplifting communities in Borno State and ensuring that residents have access to essential services such as healthcare and education.

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