Yul Edochie: Polygamous Men Are Selfish – Rev Ugwu

A Catholic priest, Reverend Fr Kelvin Ugwu, has said polygamous men are the most selfish people on earth.

He said if they feel their actions are right, they should also permit their wives to practice polygamy.

He said this amid the controversy over actor Yul Edcohie getting married to a second wife after getting her pregnant and welcoming a child with her,

He said, “I see polygamists as the most selfish people on earth. The only time you can convince me to even start looking at polygamous men as less selfish is if they will also allow their women to practice polyandry.

“Nobody has the monopoly of exploring and enjoying different-sex partners, there are lots of married women that have not even known what orgasm feels like and there are those that are bored with one man…they too can have three to four husbands to satisfy them, since we all want to be mad”.

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