Nigerians And Misconceptions

By Adedoyin Adediwura

Sasha Obama
Obama’s daughter, Sasha, takes up salesgirl job at restaurant

Nigerians and their misconception about a lot of things is getting worrisome. It’s either they just don’t get it, or many are just simply fellas with low IQ.

Obama’s daughter is doing a summer job, and the only thing Nigerians see there is that the daughter of  the world’s most powerful man is doing a summer job because the father is not corrupt or proud.

Listen, Obama and his family knows he won’t be president for life, and his daughters need a work experience to get a job.

Yes, he could have fixed her in any of  his friends’ offices, but will she perform well without an experience?

Fellow youths, please allow me to enlighten you. That is how the American system works.

You only require at least two years of work experience after college or university degree to get a better Job. Meaning, if you go through with university, plus your IT, you will have two to three years of work experience in different fields.

When are we going to wake up and learn? Do you know as a waitress, she will be paid a token or not paid at all?

A secondary school certificate holder here in Nigeria will be looking for a job of at least 30,000 naira. And in waiting for that job, the fellow gets admission, no work experience.

After ND or 300 level, they will rather stay at home than do a 10,000 naira IT job. Thus, they would have graduated without a work experience aside the NYSC engagement. Some may not even take part in the scheme, especially if they were deployed to serve in an undesired state.

After graduating, they want automatic job with multinationals without work experience. They lobby with one uncle or politician who knows someone somewhere.

This has to stop!

Youths should start learning how to think, and not what to think. Your parents have given you their bits, what will you give yourself?

Don’t wait till after graduating to get a job. Do whatever comes your way now for the experience of it. Not the money. You can even combine school and work. So many part-time jobs and schools exist now.

Learn to use your own brain and forget about the corrupt leadership in the Nigerian polity.

If you continue to be like this, we will never grow as a nation. And those who have grown, raised their kids in the USA and London, with better education and work experience, will never allow you rule.

They will continue to rule, alongside their children, and their generations to come.

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