Why You Shouldn’t Give Up After A Breakup


Some people meet for different reasons. It could be due to personal or physical interest. It might even be both. But whatever the reason, breakup or separation, in most cases, is tragic.

There are several persons who at some point were suicidal. Some are still suicidal. Some, on the other hand, have decided to live embittered even as others have simply moved on.

Whichever your category, please choose to move on. Trust me,  yours might not be as bad as these breakup stories you are about to read.

The Poor Guy’s Experience

“Was dating a girl for more than 2 years. Did my best to keep her happy. Saved money to gift her on her birthday. A day before the breakup tells me her friend’s got a very expensive gift from her boyfriend on her birthday. Next day fights with me and says that the gift I gave her was not expensive enough. Doesn’t stop here, goes around bad mouthing me about how I treated her badly,” he narrated.

Brooke Michael: Rocky Experience On Facebook

“I was dating this guy for three years, and things were getting pretty serious. He had already bought an engagement ring, and he bought me a promise ring for my 21st birthday.

Things started to get rocky when he told me he wanted to go to three to four video game competitions a year. As we were getting more serious, I was thinking about the future and what that money could have gone into, instead. And come to think of it, he wanted to play video games professionally. An hour later, he broke up with me, saying, “Video games are my biggest dreams, and this is my biggest opportunity, and this is what I want to do and this is who I am.

“I returned all his stuff. Now, he won’t give me back my Pyrex dish, or my T-shirts because he just doesn’t want to. A breakup, all because of video games. And, all I want is my Pyrex dish back.”

Melanie Friesen Shares Her Unsteady Relationship Breakup

“I was engaged to be married to a guy. We had dated in high school, broken up, gotten back together a decade or so later, and had a wonderful relationship. Or so I thought. It was long distance, but we were just months away from our wedding, so I quit my job, gave notice on my apartment, all that good stuff. Days later, he calls me and says, ‘I love you, but I don’t want to marry you or have you move down here.’ Completely devastated. But, after running away for a week, my boss gave me back my job and my landlord was cool. Things were slowly getting on track… Then I got a call. I had won one of those damn “win the dress of your dreams” contests in Bride Magazine. I asked them to give it to someone else.

I still enter stupid sweepstakes, because I figure my sweepstakes karma has got to be pretty good after that.”

Taylor Dakota’s Love Is A Nightmare Experience

“Me and my boyfriend were together for 2 years. I thought I loved him but honestly he is the reason love isn’t real for me. This summer he just totally forgot about what we had. But since it didn’t bother him I didn’t let it bother me or so I acted. He flirted with girls, laughed, hugged, and kissed them as well. I really am now getting over it but he taught me that love isn’t real so I can thank him for that. I also just wish this whole relationship never happened as well.”

So, to those who have minute reasons to leave their partner, perhaps you should ponder over this cliche “there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.” Suicide and remaining bitter is never an option.

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