Woman In Arranged Marriage Kills Husband With Poisoned Yoghurt

arranged marriageA Pakistani woman has reportedly killed her husband and 12 of his family members with milk that was intended just for him.

The woman, identified as Asiya Bibi, allegedly mixed poison with her husband’s milk last week but he did not drink it at the time and the substance was blended into a batch of yoghurt-based lassi which was served to the man and his entire family.

The police, on Monday, said the woman, whose marriage to the deceased was arranged, has been detained and charged with murder.

Newsmen in the central Pakistan’s Muzaffargarh district gathered from senior police official Owais Ahmad that Bibi was charged along with her supposed lover.

Ahmed also said that thirteen people, including her husband, have died while the 14th victim of the poison has been hospitalised.

“Police have arrested Asiya Bibi, a man and his aunt for being accomplices and charged them with murder,” Ahmad said.

He further alleged that Bibi’s lover and his aunt helped her carry out the murder.

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