Widow Of Gospel Singer Speaks On ‘God’s Betrayal’

Eric, Chinonso Arubayi
Eric and Chinonso Arubayi. Source: Instagram.

After almost a year since the demise of gospel singer Eric Arubayi, his widow, Chinonso Arubayi, said she felt betrayed by God after his death.

Concise News learned of Chinonso’s feelings during an interview on Continental Television.

The young widow, who lost her husband on February 11, 2017, said she lived in denial and resented prayers for a while.

Arubayi said, “My husband and I lived a faith-based life. We prayed together. When he died, I lived in denial because I felt betrayed by God that my husband, a gospel artiste, could die. For the longest time, I didn’t want to pray. People sent me scriptures and messages, I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

“While the society was supportive, it also had certain expectations; wear black, cut your hair, do and be seen to be in mourning.

“I fell into depression, shaved my hair at first and went to the barber again, that it wasn’t low enough. I wanted to go bald. I cut my hair and my friends would go, “Girl, you are still fine.” That only made me feel worse. I just wanted to about with charcoal and everything.”

Arubayi said as soon as she “started getting comfortable wearing black,” she renewed her relationship with God.

“Also, a good friend of mine, reminded me that I was made for the glory of God and I needed to let it shine. That was when I started wearing makeup and dressing up,” she added.

“Besides, as a professional Make-up artiste, how would I be able to convince people to let me make up for them if I was looking unkempt?”

She described her husband’s death as a rude shock “because this was someone, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I wish I had him for longer.”

Chinonso Arubayi also revealed that her husband’s death was an eye-opener. It made her realise that life was short and she wants to die after doing what she loves.

In February 2017, Eric Arubayi was reported dead of complications, which arose from using expired malaria drugs.

He was the third runner-up on singing reality TV show West African Idol, 2007 edition.

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