Why UAE Has Not Announced Lifting Visa Ban on Nigerians – Bwala

Daniel Bwala, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, has said President Bola Tinubu entered certain deals which he believes must be met before the United Arab Emirates can actually lift the UAE visa ban placed on Nigerians.

In a statement, Bwala said the lifting of the ban as announced by Tinubu’s spokesman, Ajuri Ngelale, does not corroborate any statement issued by the UAE government regarding Tinubu’s visit.

According to him, the UAE may be waiting on Nigeria to rectify issues regarding its Emirates Airlines first before it can announce the lifting of the ban.

He said this in a statement titled, ‘THERE IS NOTHING LANDMARK ABOUT INDIA AND DUBAI DEAL.’

Bwala wrote, “I am an optimist, but there is nothing landmark about the lift of the ban on visa and travel restrictions . Firstly, the flight ban was occasioned by Nigerias’ CBN non payment of funds belonging to emirate. PBAT promised to pay back. Visa restrictions was occasioned by Nigerians increased crime rate in the UAE

“Secondly, whilst the lift of travel is okay, but it does not translate to foreign investment, as UAE prides itself in attracting investments into their country but not in UAE investing in foreign lands, so expect nothing from UAE in Nigeria. The so-called landmark deal is to the benefit of UAE that continues to receive illicit monies and investments by alleged Nigerias’ corrupt public officers into the UAE. What we need is strengthening of the mutual legal assistance agreement for repatriation of stolen funds belonging to the government of Nigeria in the UAE

“Thirdly, there is nowhere in any UAE government website or government public statement issued by UAE you will find what spokesman to PBAT issued about the so-called landmark deal; do you know why? Because UAE does not want to commit until Nigeria fulfills her promise to repatriate emirate’s money to UAE

“Lastly, do not be carried away by any photo-ops, handshakes and statements until you see timelines and deliverables. We have seen the movie before in the last administration with Siemens, Mambila power project etc. They are all over the media saying they have attracted billions of dollars from India, even when non of those investors published on their website or in any Indian local news outlets of the said investment plans. YOU CAMPAIGN IN POETRY AND GOVERN IN PROS. You don’t govern in poetry my friends.

“Come back to NIgeria and address the problems confronting us to wit, multi-dimensional poverty, corruption, healthcare, education, insecurity, state sponsored threats, crisis of legitimacy etc.”

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