Why Sacked Service Chiefs Got Mouth-watering Benefits – Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, the African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate for 2023, has responded to the news of President Bola Tinubu offering lucrative retirement benefits to the recently dismissed Service Chiefs.

Sowore suggested that Tinubu extended such generous retirement packages to the Service Chiefs to prevent any potential coup against his own government.

Just last week, Tinubu made the decision to dismiss all Service Chiefs, the Inspector-General of Police, Advisers, and the Comptroller-General of Customs, swiftly replacing them with new appointments.

Reports emerged indicating that the retired Chief of Defence Staff and the service chiefs received bulletproof Sport Utility Vehicles, personal aides, security personnel, and other privileges associated with their former positions. These benefits also included substantial allowances for medical treatment abroad.

In response to this development, Sowore alleged that such extensive packages were provided to safeguard Tinubu’s position during his travel to France, as there may have been a plot to remove him from power during his absence.

Tweeting, Sowore wrote: “These mouth-watering retirement offers to these suddenly retired Nigerian military top brass sounds like they held Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu @ABATMediaCentre to ransom because they knew something the public didn’t know about his ‘Presidency.’ And selection.

“I think the rumour of their (military) plan to take out @officialABAT before his return from France might be true after all. So far, the interests of ordinary Nigerians have been sacrificed to get Tinubu’s power consolidated.”

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