Why NYSC Should Be Optional – Banky W

Olubankole Wellington, better known by his stage name Banky W, a well-known musician turned politician, has outlined why the National Youth Service Corps, or NYSC, ought to be optional in Nigeria.

The NYSC program hasn’t accomplished what it was intended to since its inception, according to Banky W, who made this claim on Tuesday during an appearance on Channels Television.

“I don’t know if there is anybody that will disagree that NYSC probably does not achieve everything it was originally designed for today, so how do we reform it? Don’t cancel it, let’s remove it from the constitution and make it optional, the people who do not need it will go.

“Now you can pay those interested more so instead of paying them N30,000 monthly which does nothing for a young person in Nigeria today. We can pay them N60 – N80, 000,” he said.

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