Why I Whine My Waist on Hijab – Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu, a prominent social activist and supporter of Peter Obi from the Labour Party, has provided insight into her decision to dance while wearing a hijab, a traditional Muslim head covering.

In a statement, Yesufu shared her passion for music and dance, revealing her childhood aspirations to become a singer and dancer. She expressed a fondness for music, explaining that she enjoys dancing but refrains from clubbing due to religious prohibitions within Islam.

Responding to a query from a social media user about the compatibility of dancing with hijab, Yesufu affirmed her ability to enjoy music and move to its rhythm while adhering to her religious beliefs.

She said, “So I am going to answer you because I see you are a Muslim and I feel like indulging you.

“I love music and I love to dance. I wanted to be a singer and a dancer. I can gyrate and I can whine my waist. Clubbing once a week would have been something I would do for hobby if not that Islam prohibits it. So Allah (SWT) knows I don’t do that because he said so.

“This one for the video no be dance sef. Come and see me at home if you are female and you will know that one na small thing.

“Back to why I am responding to you. Allah (SWT) is closer to me than the blood that flows through my body. He is ever merciful and forgiving. I am not! Where I can say ya Allah forgive me and he does, you can’t say Aisha forgive me and I will. So at the end of the day, I can have enough from you and many more others to pay my debt.

“By the way, sharing the video nko?
Many of you don’t realize the technicality in Islam and how common one can get oneself messed up to the extent you carry more sins than the original sinner or even help the sinner pay off the sins. Anyway don’t believe me, ask a learned one around you. Me sha no sabi anything other than minding my business and staying off the behavior of what others do except where they are public servants affecting lives.”

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