Why I Support Tinubu For President – Pastor Ayeni Kayode

Major reasons why I, Pastor Ayeni Clement Kayode Ph.D will support the candidacy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for President of Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023….

(1) TINUBU was first to start “Economic Summit” to proffer solutions for economic prosperity.
(2) TINUBU was first to start “Treasury Single Account (TSA)” in Lagos State to promote good governance, transparency and accountability.
(3) TINUBU was first to start “Independent Power Project” (Eron) to boost Power Supply, industrialisation and Employment Opportunities.
(4) TINUBU was first to promote “Digital Economy” by the digitalisation of Lagos Tax Administration to improve revenue collections for developments.
(5) TINUBU was first Governor to “Create 37 Local Govt. Council Development Areas (LCDAs)” to bring governance and development closer to the grassroots.
(6) TINUBU was first to offer Free Education and to appoint Pupils who Excelled Academically as acting Governor of Lagos to encourage youth productivity in Education.
(7) TINUBU was first Detribalized Executive to engage Nigerians from other states to work (shop) with Lagos state government to promote unity.
(😎 TINUBU was first to go every length, legally possible to reclaim SouthWest states (and beyond) Governorship election stolen mandates as attested to by VP Osinbajo.
(9) TINUBU was first and last Governor who governed his state for years without federal allocation (FAAC) as OBJ government wickedly withheld Lagos state N4.8 billion allocations.
(10) TINUBU was first to bring Telecommunications (Econet) to Nigeria for easy communication and business.
(11) TINUBU fought for Enthronement of Democratic order in Nigeria and associated benefits of democracy we enjoys today.
(12) TINUBU is full of Vision, great Ideas, Policies, Strategies, Plans and unusual Wisdom.
(13 TINUBU is that Detribalized Nigerian who on different occasions supported these Fulani men: ATIKU, RIBADU and BUHARI…all for the Presidency.
(14) TINUBU is a Religion Tolerant Leader; a devoted Muslim husband of a devoted Christian wife.
(15) TINUBU carved out a Blueprint for Lagos State and brought the Lagos State from the most dirty and unstructured state to a “Megacity City, Smart City and now GREATER Lagos”; the most institutionalized State in West Africa.
16) TINUBU started the Governor’s Forum with the first two meetings held in Lagos.
17) TINUBU is the only candidate with Propounded Ideologies including “Counter-cyclical Fiscal Policy” & “Democratic Arithmetic” etc.
Lastly No. 18. Tinubu was the first/only person that has ever remembered the wife of Late Brigadier General Adekunle Fajuyi. He came from Lagos to Ado-Ekiti in the year 2004/2005 and built a two wings duplex for the poor widow of Late Adekunle Fajuyi who has been living in the family house (old semi- dilapidated upstairs) since the death of her husband in 70s.
Accidentally, I was at Ado-Ekiti on that day and I saw the woman with tears of joy rolling down her face thanking and praying for Tinubu begin the first person to do such a tangible assistance to her and her family.
May Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Succeed in Jesus Name, Amen and Amen.

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