Why I Stay Away From Arsenal – Wenger

Arsene Wenger has revealed why he has never visited Arsenal FC, a club he managed for 22 years.

According to him, his job at FIFA prevents him from having the luxury of time to make such a visit.

He also revealed that his decision to stay away from the club was to afford the club the chance to bond with their new manager.

“I haven’t been there since 2018,” said Wenger.

“After 22 years as manager, maybe I arrived at the end of the road and people wanted a change.

“The club had chosen a different direction and I can understand that completely.

“Sometimes, you need to have a completely new staff and my presence there could have been a problem

“So I stayed away completely to give the club the chance to rebuild a new connection with a new manager.

“That’s why I never talked about Arsenal and never came back to the Emirates because I didn’t want to be a presence that is maybe not good for the club.

“But I still feel that my life is definitely linked with Arsenal, so now I support them from my TV and I am also very busy travelling the world for Fifa.”

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