Why I Pray For God Instead Of Myself – Anthony Joshua

Former boxing heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, has revealed why he likes to pray for God instead of praying to God for himself.

Taking to Snapchat, the British-Nigerian boxer revealed that he prayed for God because it’s good to also protect those who protects us, howbeit small our effort might seem.

In his post which has generated controversy, Anthony Joshua stated that during his night prayers, he usually prays for God to be healed and blessed.

He wrote, “I spoke to my sister on the phone as I was preparing to sleep and she told me “make sure you pray tonight”

“So tonight I prayed for God. I normally pray for myself, my family & my friends etc. but tonight I prayed for God and his healing

“We got to look out for the ones who we expect 2 always look out for us! Dear God… I pray for your healing and blessings. Ameen.”

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