Why I Conceded Defeat To Buhari – Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has revealed the motivation behind his decision to gracefully accept defeat in the 2015 presidential election, which saw him lose to President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a recent interview with Arise Television, Jonathan expressed that his deep concern for Nigeria’s well-being superseded any personal interests he may have had.

Unlike the present circumstances, Jonathan highlighted the dissimilarity between his own transfer of power and the current political climate.

He emphasized that during his tenure, he handed over the reins of leadership to a different political party, a situation that contrasts with the prevailing situation today.

He said, “The situation now is different from my time. Buhari is handing over to his own party, unlike my time when I handed over to another time.

“During my time, some of the most senior officers were afraid if the next government would throw all of us into jail without fair hearing.

“By this time, I had already conceded defeat, and this was because I was more interested in the country than my self.”

Jonathan’s willingness to relinquish power in a peaceful and orderly manner showcased his commitment to the greater good of the nation.

By prioritizing Nigeria’s stability and progress over personal ambitions, he demonstrated remarkable statesmanship.

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