Whatsapp Beta Tests Edit And Revoke Features

customize-whatsapp-with-themes-mods-hidden-features-your-samsung-galaxy-s3-w654By Okeowo Oladapo

Whatsapp may soon allow its users edit or revoke IMs already sent. This feature comes on the heels of the Twitter-like quote-tweet message embed feature that was introduced to Whatsapp.

The edit feature allows the user to change the tone, words and the contents of the text. The revoke option deletes the message totally from both devices. This would be an upgrade on the delete feature which only removes the text from the sender’s device.

The revoke or edit feature is currently available to iPhone users in a beta form as that is the platform for the trialling but there is no news yet as to when- or if- android users would get it too.

However, those with access say the feature is not default as the user has to manually turn it on in settings. It also only works as long as the recipient has not read the message.

This feature would definitely allow for the removal of awkward, embarrassing texts and typos before they are read.

Pressing and holding on a sent message within the iOS version of WhatsApp now includes both new options in the small menu.

Other Whatsapp Features

WhatsApp users are now able to send and receive GIF via the attach file button.

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