What Yahaya Bello Stole from Kogi is Enough to Build School Like Charterhouse Lagos – Sowore

Former presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore has said what Yahaya Bello stole from Kogi State which he governed is enough to build schools that will rival Charterhouse Lagos which charges N42m per annum.

This was as he lambasted the EFCC for treating politicians like Bello with kids gloves while going heavy against internet fraudsters.

In a post on X, he said, “The @officialEFCC Chairman is stating that former Governor Yahaya Bello withdrew and paid $780,000 (N1billion) to what I learned is an “American School” in Abuja for his child’s education; he also paid fees for advance to the school because he knew he was no longer going to be governor, but in this video as well, the @officialEFCC chairman also revealed the weakness of the agency, that they treat these financial criminals with reverence, he offered to let him could me for interrogation through a “social gaye” yahoo boys are not afforded that luxury, why treat a big thief with reverence?

“Beyond this, you see why I stated two days ago that there is enough money to provide free qualitative education to Nigerians. Still, these thieves and, most importantly, their victims would be the first to tell you there is not enough money to fix and build great schools in Nigeria.

“Yahaya Bello once withdrew N26 billion in cash, according to the former EFCC Chairman, but throughout his tenure as governor, he never paid the miserable minimum wage to workers. What Beloo stole is enough to build schools that rival @Charterhouselag schools in Kogi State.”

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