What Hurt Me Most About Mr Ibu’s Death – Actress Rita Edochie

Actress Rita Edochie has shared her heartfelt sorrow following the passing of veteran actor Mr. Ibu, highlighting the profound loss experienced by both the entertainment industry and Nigeria.

Expressing her grief on Instagram, Edochie conveyed the depth of her sadness upon learning of Mr. Ibu’s demise, reminiscing about the struggles he faced before his departure. She recounted her visits to him in the hospital, initially hopeful for his recovery, only to be met with the somber news of his passing.

Acknowledging the inevitability of death, Edochie found solace in the belief that Mr. Ibu is now relieved from the pain and suffering of illness.

In a touching tribute, Edochie honored her friend and colleague, recognizing the significant impact Mr. Ibu had on Nollywood and the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Edochie concluded her message by extending her prayers and condolences to Mr. Ibu’s family, hoping they find comfort and strength during this challenging period of mourning.

She said: “What hurts me most is not even your demise, it’s knowing the fact that you suffered so much and groaned painfully in the grips of paleness.

“The last time I went to see you at Evercare hospital in Lagos, we discussed to a certain extent and I was very excited that full recuperation was taking place.

“I think this is the time the heavens want to welcome your soul and relieve you of all the stress and burden sickness imposed on you at least now you can rest and the illness too can rest.

“In as much as I know that this right here is very excruciating, we still do not have the right to question the giver of life. Death is really inevitable, it’s a call everyone would answer everything in life is transient.

“May your peaceful and ever-living soul rest in power my great friend, brother, and colleague. Nollywood will miss you dearly. All I beg god for is that he gives the family you left behind the fortitude to bear this loss, Amen.”

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