What Happened to Gaza, Ukraine Won’t Be Nigeria’s Portion – Fani-Kayode

Former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has said what has happened to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza and Darfur “shall never be our nation’s portion in Jesus name”.

Fani-Kaypde also stated that “no foreign power shall level our cities, violate our borders, destroy our infrastructures, crush our military, slaughter our civilian population or butcher our women and children”.

The former minister made this known in a post on his verified X account.

He continued, “Our borders are sealed and protected by the blood of Jesus and our cities are made safe by the Hosts of Heaven and the power of God’s word.

“Nigeria shall never be violated or crushed by a foreign army or foreign marauders because the Lord is our shield and strong defender.

“The world is a very different and dangerous place compared to what it was one year ago and I fear that the next few months and years will usher in a major world conflict.

“Our nation must be ready and our Army, Navy and Airforce must be fully prepared, strengthened, updated and provided with the best equipment that money can by.

“We need to tool up, prepare for war and be strong if we are to deter aggression or if, in the worst case scenario, we are to hold our own in any unprovoked attack.

“I trust our Armed Forces and our President and Commander in Chief to do their very best. I trust God to do the rest.

“I have travelled the nations of the world for many years and I assure you that there are no human beings on earth that are as warrior-like, tough and resilient or that can match the fighting spirit of the Nigerian.

“We are slow to anger but irresistible in battle.

“With the right training and equipment we can hold our own with anyone and, like the Turks and Russians, we do not flinch in a fight or shy away from battle.

“Nigeria shall never be brought down to her knees or crushed.

“We shall never be subjected to what Ukraine, Gaza and Darfur have been subjected to.

“This is because God is with us, we are strong, we are bold, we are unbeatable and we are indestructible.


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