We’re Aware of Hardship Motorists Face on Lekki-Epe Expressway – Lagos Govt

The Lagos State Government has said it is aware of the hardship Motorists are facing while travelling on the Lekki/Epe Expressway.

In a statement on Tuesday, the state said the concerns were well noted, just as it expressed commitment to improving the vital route and ensuring a smoother and safer journey for all.

The government, while appreciating the patience and support as work progresses towards a better transportation experience for everyone, announced a significant development in its ongoing efforts to address the challenges.

“The State Ministry of Transportation has engaged Craneburg and other Stakeholders, with each party committing to specific responsibilities to tackle the pressing issues affecting this vital infrastructure.

Below is a summary of the agreed-upon responsibilities:

1. High Fill Profile Challenge:

Problem: Congestion due to a high fill profile from KM18+600 to KM20+000.

Plan: Craneburg will expedite pavement completion within 3-4 days to reopen both lanes, alleviating congestion.

2. Ongoing Earth Works at 24+400 (Ogidan):

Challenge: Heavy rainfall has hindered road conditions.

Action: Craneburg will continue palliative work at Ogidan (Night) to ensure road motorability.

3. Recent Trailer Accident Impact:

Incident: A trailer accident causing temporary congestion.

Response: Craneburg will collaborate to ensure swift removal and traffic management during such incidents.

4. Collaborative Efforts with LASTMA on traffic management.

Deployment: LASTMA operatives will be stationed at the project site for effective traffic control.

We have also increased the number of LASTMA Operatives on location and extended their duty time.

Motorist Patience and Cooperation:

5. Appeal for motorist cooperation with traffic management plans.

Call to Action: All stakeholders are urged to collaborate and promote adherence to traffic rules


Seeking support from LERSA for advocacy and collaboration.

Exploring the creation of a parallel bypass and extending palliative works.

Increasing Physical

7. Restrictions and Signage:

Improving physical restrictions and signage within the construction area.

“This engagement exemplifies the commitment of both the Lagos State Government and Craneburg to find solutions to the challenges faced on the Lekki – Epe Expressway Project Phase IIA. Craneburg will help with handling 1 to 3 with the cooperation of the state, while the state will take care of the rest. We anticipate that this collaboration will lead to tangible improvements in the project’s execution.

“We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all stakeholders, including motorists, LASTMA, LERSA, and local government authorities. By working together, we can achieve a sustainable solution to the issues at hand.

“We will provide regular updates on the progress of these initiatives and encourage open communication among all parties involved,” the state government said in the statement.

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