We Must ‘Strike Back’ Against Chelsea, Liverpool Coach Vows

We Must 'Strike Back' Against Chelsea, Liverpool Coach Vows
Jurgen Klopp discussing with Philippe Coutinho. Getty Images

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has vowed to “strike back” as his team face Chelsea in a Premier League game this weekend.

The Reds were beaten 2-1 by the Blues on Wednesday in a League Cup clash which Klopp blamed on poor officiating.

However, speaking ahead of the weekend game, the German said “The result is the most important thing, but performance is also important especially for analysis.

“It was interesting to see how we adapted in such a short time. We are competitive.

“That’s what we have to show again. The Chelsea game was a very interesting game.

“We needed time to adapt without the ball. It felt like things weren’t comfortable. It was because of little, little details. It was a big challenge for the boys.”

According to him, his team would “strike back, that is the sport. If you play them again, you try to correct that case. Fighting back is a duty in the sport.

“We will go to Chelsea and try our best again. Chelsea will make changes. A lot of other players will come in. It will be interesting again and I’m looking forward to it.”

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