We Must Condemn Slaughter of Palestinians – Fani-Kayode

Former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has called for the condemnation of the slaughter of Palestinians in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

According to him, the same level of condemnation leveled against Hamas after the terror group attacked Israel on October 7 should be measured when talking about the killing of Palestinians.

Fani-Kayode, in a psot on X, said, “I stand with Israel in this horrendous conflict and I have never had much respect for Ilhan Abdullahi Omar who is a member of the American House of Reps and who I consider to be a raving and flaming leftist/ liberal and anti-Israel.

“Despite that I totally and completely agree with what she has said in this short video.

“She has spoken with courage and passion and she is absolutely right: we must condemn the slaughter of Palestinian women and children in the same way that we have condemned the horrendous mass murder and butchery of Israeli women and children and the savage attack on the Jewish State on Oct. 7th.

“Our fight is with Hamas and all the other Islamist terrorist organisations in the world and not the Palestinian people.

“We cannot lose our humanity and applaud the barbaric genocide, wholesale slaughter and mass murder of Palestinian women and children which we are witnessing on our television screens every day and night in the name of supporting Israel.

“There is no question about the fact that Hamas ought to be held accountable for its murdeous actions and totally eradicated but that does not mean that the Palestinan people ought to be subjected to war crimes, crimes against humanity or a heartless policy of ethinic cleansing in order to achieve that.

“What is happening in Gaza is not just unacceptable but also literally heartbreaking!

“More than enough innocent blood has been spilt and all men and women of goodwill on both sides of the conflict and divide must sue for peace and insist on a ceasefire.”

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