Wanted Abba Burakita, 40 Followers Surrender to Police in Kano

The Kano State Police Command has said one Abba Burakita and 40 followers of his have turned themselves in amid a bounty of N500,000 placed on each of them.

In a statement on Thursday, the command said Burakita and his followers not only surrendered but submitted their weapons to the police.

This was as the Commissioner of Police in the state, CP Gumel appreciated the good people of the state as more thugs denounce thuggery.

The statement read in part, “You recall that Abba Burakita of Dorayi Karama Quarters and Hantar Daba of Kwanar Disu Quarters Kano are the two identified thugs leaders (Yan Daba) the Police Command placed bounty of five hundred thousand naira (N500,000:00) on each person’s head for being hesitant from answering Police invitation.

“The hangout event held at Sani Abacha In-door Stadium, Kofar Mata on 17th October 2023 has changed his mindset, perceptions and ultimately believes in the Police.

“The good news is that Burakita has finally surrendered himself to the Police Command. He was led by his family members and a renowned Police Special Constabulary Ado Runto requesting to be part of the amnesty program of the State Government as he is now ready to participate in the promotion of peace and sustainable development of the State.

“In furtherance, he came along with a total of forty (40) followers from his camp thugs whom he had strong influence during the supremacy fight (Fadan Yan Daba) regime that lasted for over ten (10) years.”

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