Votes Recount: Clinton Could Overtake Trump 278-260 If Recount Is Justified


By Lordson Okpetu

As the push for votes recount in 3 battleground states that cost Hillary Clinton the election gathers storm, indications have emerged that the democratic party candidate could emerge overall winner if the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were electronically rigged in Trump’s favour as suspected.

The votes recount is co-ordinated by Green Party candidate at the elections, Jill Stein. Stein’s efforts to have the votes in the three swing states recounted follow various claims of potential voting anomalies in those three typically-Democratic states.

Although voting is not done over the Internet, computer experts have said it’s possible malwares could have been uploaded to voting machines when the digital ballots were installed.

“After a divisive and painful presidential race, in which foreign agents hacked into party databases, private email servers, and voter databases in certain states, many Americans are wondering if our election results are reliable,” Stein said in a statement.

“That’s why the unexpected results of the election and reported anomalies need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified. We deserve elections we can trust.”

The US election results have not yet been certified. As a matter of fact, Michigan still hasn’t awarded its 16 electoral votes yet. This is because the state is still scrutinizing its ballot count.

The green party candidate stated categorically that he’s not doing Clinton a favour but rather fighting for America’s election integrity.

Concise News recalls that the three swing states in contention voted for President Barack Obama in 2012 and 2008. As a matter of fact, a Republican presidential candidate hasn’t won any of those states since 1988.

$4m raised in 24 hours

Jill Stein set up an online fund-raising campaign on his website on Wednesday to fund the recount. The fundraiser, initially capped at $2.5m, blew off the roof, hitting $4m in 24 hours.

“We are raising money to demand recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These are three states where the data suggests a significant need to verify machine-counted vote totals,” Stein’s fundraising page tells supporters.

“In true grassroots fashion, we’re turning to you, the people. Not big-money corporate donors, to make this happen,” Stein added.

Th $4m raised so far, according to Stein, will sufficiently fund Wisconsin and Pennsylvania recounts. Wisconsin recount will be filed today Friday, Pennsylvania on Monday and Michigan on Wednesday.

The money will be used for filing fees and attorney fees. Stein also stated that his movement cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of these states affected. He, however, pledge a demand  for votes recounts in those states.

As of Thursday, Trump leads Clinton in electoral votes 290-232. However, if Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, goes to Clinton after recount, she would win the electoral college vote and the presidency 278-260.


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