Vote Competence Not Religion, Says PFN President

President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Wale Oke, has urged Nigerians to vote for competence and not religion in the 2023 general elections.

He warned that “desperate, oppressive, domineering and divisive politicians” are gearing up to “kill and destroy” to gain power against the wish of Nigerians.

Speaking at the Sword of the Spirit Ministries programme, the PFN President said, ”If a Muslim can solve Nigeria’s problem, I will vote for him so far he will treat Muslims and Christians as equal stakeholders in Nigeria, and he will not favor one religion above another.

“For me, if a Hausa man emerges, okay, if it is Fulani man, good, If it is Igbo, Kanuri, Edo, Ibibio, or Yoruba man, okay, provided he stands for justice, equity, fairness, and one Nigeria. He must also be a man that can deal with the problem of Nigeria decisively.

“Vote for whoever has the capacity to turn around Nigeria, use your votes to change the fortune of the nation to give Nigerians the nation we want

“Let’s decide and go beyond religion sentiment, ethnicity, and party so that Nigeria can get to its destination.

“Nigeria shall be beautiful and great, let us all cooperate with God so that we can get to the promised land..”

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