Viral Video: Girl Being Bullied is Not My Daughter – Bwala

Top politician, Daniel Bwala, has said the young girl being bullied in a viral video is not his daughter as wrongly reported by some quarters.

In a post on X, Bwala revealed that despite not having any relationship with the girl, he has reported the incident to authorities.

This was as he commended the young girl for showing decorum despite being bullied.

He wrote, “My attention has been drawn to a viral video circulating on all social media platforms alleging that my daughter was bullied or assaulted. For the records, the young girl in the video is not my daughter, I do not know her, nor do I have any of my children studying in that school.

“Whilst the young girl in the video showed extreme decorum and restraint (and should be commended), if it were any of my children, the scenario would not go without a fight in exercise of self defense

“However, I have myself reported the incident to law enforcement because it could have been anybody‚Äôs daughter, bercause violence and bullying is not acceptable in our society.

“I was equally told by someone who thought she was my daughter and acted before chatting me, by contacting the so-called school and that the school claimed both girls are minors and therefore should be treated as such. If a school can say that, you can imagine what they are teaching the students.


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