Video: Jimoh Ibrahim Confirms Gov Mimiko’s Fears On Fifth Columnist?

By Concise News correspondents

Few hours before the just-concluded elections in Ondo State, Gov Mimiko granted a press conference where he referred to Jimoh Ibrahim as the fifth columnist working for the opposition party, APC.

A fifth columnist is a person or group within a country or group at war who are sympathetic to or working for its enemies. The term fifth columnist was coined from a remark by Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator, who said that he was marching on Madrid with four columns of troops, and that there was a “fifth column” of sympathizers within the city ready to help.

Shortly after Mimiko’s press conference, Ibrahim, the enstranged PDP candidate who lost his governorship ticket to Eyitayo Jegede 72 hours before the election, granted Sahara Reporters an interview. He stated in the interview that he deliberately caused disharmony in PDP to wast Mimiko and Jegede’s time.

Few hours after that, Jimoh Ibrahim unofficially decamped from PDP and started using his social media account to canvass support for APC’s Akeredolu.

Could Jimoh Ibrahim have been playing out a script hatched long time ago? See video for yourself to and tell us if Mimiko was right about Jimoh Ibrahim or not.

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