Verstappen Confident in Red Bull’s Future Despite Newey’s Departure

Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s leading Formula 1 driver, has expressed his preference for Adrian Newey to remain with the team but stressed that his departure next April will not impact his own future at Red Bull. Newey, a pivotal figure in Red Bull’s success, has been with the team for nearly two decades and is set to leave a significant legacy behind.

Speaking about the upcoming departure, Verstappen urged against unnecessary speculation and drama, emphasizing that the change will not affect his current standing with the team “at the moment.” He also addressed the media’s role in fueling rumors, pointing out misunderstandings about internal team dynamics. “I think people in the press, they are making up a lot of things at the moment because they don’t understand how the roles were in the team,” Verstappen commented.

Verstappen acknowledged Newey’s substantial contributions and personal qualities, noting, “I cannot deny that I would have preferred him to stay, just for how he is as a person, his knowledge and of course what he would bring to potentially another team if he wants to join.”

The Dutch driver also highlighted his support for Newey’s decision, rooted in personal and family considerations, reflecting a respect for individual career choices. “If someone really wants to leave, they should leave. That’s also what I wrote to him,” he explained.

Despite the loss of Newey, Verstappen remains confident in the strength of Red Bull’s technical team, which has demonstrated its capability in recent years. “But I also really trust that the technical team we have outside of Adrian is very, very strong. They have basically shown that with the last few years with how competitive the car is,” he affirmed.

Amid these changes, Red Bull has secured a five-year contract with technical director Pierre Wache, as reported by ESPN, ensuring continuity and stability within the team’s technical leadership as they move forward without Newey.

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