Uzodinma Behind My Arrest, Uche Nwosu Says After Release

Uche Nwosu, the son-in-law of Senator Rochas Okorocha, has accused Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State of mastermindind his arrest.

Nwosu was on Sunday arrested by security operatives during a church service in Imo State. He was later released after he was flown to Police Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Addressing journalists after his release, Nwosu said the men who arrested him where in contact with Uzodinma’s chief security officer on phone all through the period he was being transported to Abuja.

Nwosu said, “While the sermon was ongoing, I saw some military people who come in. I asked my boys to go and welcome them because I thought they escorted a VIP to the church to condole with me over the death of my mother.

“All of a sudden, over 15 masked security operatives jumped into the church. While some rushed to the altar, some came to where I was sitting and ordered me to move or they will move me. They started shooting thereby disrupting the sermon that was ongoing. I demanded to know what was going on but they said they had an instruction to bring me. They manhandled me and bundled me into one of the vehicles they came in. One of them ordered me to lie down and one of them placed his leg on my head.

“When they drove off, they started making calls in Hausa language and unknown to them I understand the language. They were telling one Shaba who is the chief security officer that they had arrested me. At Umuaka they stopped and ordered that I should get down. At that point, I thought they were going to assassinate me. They bundled me into another vehicle and drove off.

“When we got to Owerri, three other vehicles drove straight to the government house and the one carrying me drove towards Okigwe Road. I asked them where they were taking me to but they never responded. They drove towards Okigwe and stopped. At that point, I thought they wanted to assassinate me. They asked me to remove my cloth, handcuffed me, snapped me, made a video and sent it to the governor’s CSO.

“We continued until we go to Enugu airport. We waited for about one hour, thirty minutes before a charted flight arrived. We boarded and landed in Abuja. We moved to force headquarters and we did interviews. They accused me of sponsoring insecurity in Imo State. I want to thank the IGP who intervened and ordered my release.”

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