Utomi Breaks Silence On Working For Tinubu To Scuttle Obi, Atiku

Pat Utomi has broken silence after he was accused of luring Peter Obi to the Labour Party on the direction of President-elect Bola Tinubu.

Utomi was also alleged to have received money from Tinubu which was used to fund Obi’s campaign ahead of the February 25 presidential election which was lost to the President-elect.

The allegations were inspired by an old video of him and Tinubu dancing together.

Reacting, Utomi described the allegations as disinformation.

He tweeted, “As I watch the desperation with which past acts sown in love for the common good is unearthed and bent into disinformation regarding the present I am thankful that in the end truth is the only thing that prevails when lust for power is consumed by its own negativity. So I ignore

“World of ironies. Last week I participated in a program of the Deliberative Democracy Lab of Standford University’s Center on Democracy, Development and Rule of Law on disinformation in social media unaware I was ongoing victim of disinformation in Nigeria

“Some fellow pulling up a 9 year old video from an Ileya visit claimed the know of conduit of money through me to PO to uend Atiku. 1st, have had no direct or indirect contact with BAT in 4 years. Only material transfer from BAT to me in 25yrs we have known is $2000 for MIT event

“In truth I have been much closer to Waziri Atiku who I first met in 1983 and wrote the feasibility for his farm a year later. I have served on the Board of his university, AUN. Only a warped or misinformed mind would invent such disinformation

“As for funding PO I cannot but be amazed at this disinformation. The outpouring of resources of citizens in support groups and PO’s prudent draw on his own purse was so humbling I even turned to ODs to fund my own activities in support of the campaign for faith in saving Nigeria

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