US Election Update: Donald Trump Elected American President

Donald Trump wins US elections
Donald Trump wins US elections

John Andah, additional report by Lordson Okpetu

Election Results

08:55am:      Trump wins election after narrowly coming highest in Pennsylvania with 2,900,785 votes to Clinton’s 2,825,767

08:44am:      Trump stretches lead further with victory in Arizona.

08:28am:      Clinton is losing touch as Trump wins Wisconsin to extend lead by 10 votes.

08:25am:     Trump beats Clinton in Wisconsin, polls 385,524 votes to the Democratic candidates’s 1,309,965.

08:10am:      Clinton campaign chief tells supporters that the Democratic candidate will not speak tonight as Trump maintains lead.

07:40am:     Trump extends lead by 3 votes with win in Alaska.

07:12am:     Trump stretches lead with 208,789 votes to Clinton’s 82,834 in Utah.

06:20am:     Clinton wins Nevada with 417,122 votes to the GOP candidate’s 384,461, reduces Trump’s lead by six.

06:20am:     Clinton cuts Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania.

06:06am:     Trump takes the lead in Pennsylvania.

05:48am:     Trump moves up following win in Georgia, 1,911,546 votes to Clinton’s 1,667,506.

05:40am:     Trump’s lead cut as Clinton wins Washington to stay within a torching distance.

05:34am:     Trump wins battle State of Florida, topples Clinton in Electoral College votes.

05:34am:     Trump 216-197 Clinton

05:17am:     Trump 187-197 Clinton

05:08am:     Trump reduces Clinton’s lead with win in North Carolina, 2,239,938 (51.2%) votes to 2,019,115 (46.1%)

05:00am:     Trump 171-190 Clinton

04:49am:     Clinton closes in as she wins Colorado with 921,491 votes to Trump’s 836,329

04:49am:     Trump  167-131 Clinton

04:40am:     Clinton wins Virginia with 1,704,588 (48.3%) to Trump’s 1,647,551 (46.5%)

04:38am:     Trump 167 – 122 Clinton

04:30am:     Trump wins Ohio with 2,356,230 (53.4%) votes to Clinton’s 1,870,889 (42.2%)

04:26am:    Trump 167-109 Clinton

04:10am:     Trump 139104 Clinton 

4:00am:   Goodmorning, the US elections is underway with mixed expectations in the two major camps involved in this race. Many want Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton to win and may still want Donald Trump in this keenly contested election.
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