Under-17s Fail Age Test In Cameroon

After additional players failed age tests mandated by Samuel Eto’o, head of the nation’s regulatory organization, Fecafoot, Cameroon’s Under-17s are in a race against time to form a squad for regional African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The team’s training camp at Mbankomo, on the outskirts of Yaounde, was destroyed as a result of the former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker’s insistence on undergoing MRI scans.

Twenty-one of the original 30-person group failed the exams.

However, according to BBC Sport Africa, Cameroon has suffered a major setback as 11 new players failed tests on Tuesday, and coach Jean Pierre Fiala is having trouble finding replacements.

Between January 12 and January 24, Cameroon will host Congo, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Central African Republic for the Central African Football Federations’ Union (UNIFFAC) qualifications, with two teams moving on to the Under-17 Nations Cup in Algeria in April.

The steps were to be conducted, according to a Fecafoot statement, “in order to put a stop to the tampering with civil status documents that have, in the past, soiled the reputation of Cameroon football.” Eto’o reportedly given “tight orders” for their execution.

Fecafoot implores all actors, especially instructors, to make sure that the category-specific ages are respected.

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