UK Sanctions More Israeli Settlers Over ‘Unprecedented Violence’

The UK has announced further sanctions on “extremist Israeli groups” over violence against Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said two groups and four individuals would now be subject to asset freezes and UK travel bans amid what it called an “unprecedented rise in settler violence” against Palestinians.

One group, Hilltop Youth, is described by the FCDO as a “hardline nationalist Israeli youth group” responsible for establishing illegal settlements in the West Bank and has a stated mission of expelling all Palestinians from the region.

The other group, Lehava, is alleged to have facilitated, incited and promoted violence against Arab and Palestinian communities.

The four individuals sanctioned are:

– Noam Federman, the former leader of the defunct Kach party, who is said to have trained settler groups to commit acts of violence against Palestinians;– Neria Ben Pazi, responsible for building three illegal settlements between 2015 and 2023;– Eden Levi, alleged to have been involved in multiple assaults against Palestinians;– Elisha Yered, an unofficial spokesperson for Hilltop Youth

Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron said: “Extremist settlers are undermining security and stability and threatening prospects for peace.

“This latest package of sanctions targets two groups leading these attacks, and four individuals who are directly responsible for egregious violence against Palestinian civilians.”


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