UK Gang Jailed For Operating Illegal Premier League Streaming

Landmark Prosecution Leads to Lengthy Prison Sentences

The English Premier League announced on Tuesday that five individuals involved in the operation of an illegal streaming network were sentenced to jail in the UK. Described as the “world’s largest-ever prosecution of an illegal streaming network” by the Premier League, the case resulted in prison terms ranging from three to 11 years for the defendants. This landmark ruling represents a significant victory in the ongoing battle against illegal streaming.

Multi-Million Pound Operation with Thousands of Customers

The gang, comprised of individuals between the ages of 30 and 46, generated more than £7 million ($8.7 million) by selling subscriptions to three illicit platforms, serving over 50,000 customers and resellers. These platforms provided unauthorized access to Premier League matches, hundreds of international channels, and tens of thousands of on-demand films and TV shows. The scope and profitability of the operation underscore the magnitude of the piracy and the subsequent legal actions taken against the perpetrators.

Collaboration and Vindication for Prosecution Efforts

The successful prosecution of the illegal streaming network was the result of a joint effort between the Premier League, the trading standards team at Hammersmith and Fulham Council in London, and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), an intellectual property protection organization. Kevin Plumb, General Counsel of the Premier League, hailed the sentencing as a validation of the extensive efforts made to bring the individuals responsible to justice. The severity of the sentences, the longest ever issued for piracy-related crimes, reflects the gravity of the offenses committed.

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