UK-Based Film Promotions Grants Actress Iya Gbonkan’s Wish For Car

Fulfilling a Longstanding Desire

In a heartwarming gesture, Alexes Promotions, a film promotions company based in the United Kingdom, presented a car to Tobola Olayinka, a renowned Yoruba actress known as Iya Gbonkan, in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.

This gesture fulfilled Iya Gbonkan’s recent appeal to well-to-do individuals in Nigeria to assist her in acquiring a car, as she grew weary of relying on commercial motorcycles and public transportation to travel to film locations.

Recognition of a Film Industry Legend

Mustapha Jayeola, who represented Alexes Promotions during the car presentation ceremony, explained that the motive behind this generous act was to show support and encouragement to Iya Gbonkan, a true legend in the film industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of the promotions firm, Omobolanle Olatise, had come across Iya Gbonkan’s plea on social media and promptly directed Jayeola and others in Nigeria to find out her specific needs.

A Joyous Surprise

Jayeola shared the story of their interaction with Iya Gbonkan, stating, “When we contacted Mama, she expressed her desire for a car, as she was tired of relying on commercial motorcycles and public transport for her work.

We immediately contacted Alexes Promotions in the UK, and they instructed us to find a suitable car for Mama.”

To their surprise, Iya Gbonkan quickly provided the necessary funds within 30 minutes of being informed about the chosen car.

The presentation itself was a delightful surprise, as they had not revealed their intentions to her beforehand.

Overjoyed, Iya Gbonkan expressed her gratitude and prayed for blessings upon Alexes Promotions and their entire family.

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