UK Bans Health Workers from Bringing Dependents

The UK Home Office announced a significant policy change, prohibiting health workers from bringing their dependents to the country, as revealed in a statement released on Monday.

This decision aligns with the government’s broader strategy to reduce net migration and address visa misuse, reflecting efforts to manage what it perceives as unsustainable levels of legal migration.

The move is likely to have profound implications for health workers seeking employment opportunities in the UK, potentially complicating their family arrangements and affecting their ability to pursue professional opportunities in the country.

In a tweet, the Home Office wrote, “From today, care workers entering the UK on Health and Care Worker visas can no longer bring dependants. This is part of our plan to deliver the biggest ever cut in migration.”

While laying out implication of the policy in a separate statement, it said last year alone, a total of 120,000 dependants accompanied 100,000 workers to the UK.

“Reforms to restrict care workers from bringing family members are now in force, while care providers are required to register if they are sponsoring migrants. New rules to radically cut net migration and tackle visa abuse are now in force as part of the government’s plan to bring down unsustainable levels of legal migration.”

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