Uduaghan Speaks Against APC Members Fighting In Public

Emmanuel Uduaghan

Former Governor of Delta State Emmanuel Uduaghan has warned aggrieved members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from insulting themselves on the pages of newspapers.

Speaking on Thursday, the senatorial aspirant called for the reconciliation of all factions so that the party can win the forthcoming elections.

Uduaghan said: “You know it is not too long I joined APC, but since I joined, I have been trying to do the much I can to help the party. Delta State APC has challenges and we have been trying to resolve them because if we are not united, it will be hard to win elections. It is only a united party that wins elections. No party wins elections amidst crisis.

“Sometimes, I feel very embarrassed when I see our (APC) leaders abusing themselves on the pages of newspapers. It is very bad and it must stop. We (APC) are in the opposition in Delta State and we should not be opposing ourselves. Our efforts should be toward the take-over of government.

“We want to wrestle power from the PDP in the state. We should stop chasing the ant when there is an elephant for us to eat. If we work to win the state and federal elections, it is better. We should work hard to win all elections.”

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