Tyson Fury’s Night Out Ends in Collapse Outside Bar

Tyson Fury was escorted out of a bar in Morecambe by bouncers before falling to the ground in the street after a night of heavy drinking.

The incident comes shortly after Fury’s high-profile bout against Oleksandr Usyk, where he lost his WBC heavyweight title in a split decision, marking the first defeat of his professional career. A rematch is scheduled for 21 December, giving Fury a chance to reclaim his title.

Before beginning preparations for the rematch, the 35-year-old boxer spent last Friday evening at the Nowhere bar in his hometown. Social media footage shows Fury being guided out of the establishment by two security staff members. At the entrance, he collapses to his knees, appearing to hit his head on the pavement.

According to The Sun, Fury had been partying with friends and fans at the bar when security personnel decided to intervene, suggesting it was time for the former world champion to end his night.

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