Two Nigerian Women Arrested With Drugs in India

In a recent operation conducted by the Pushkar Police in India, two Nigerian women, 43-year-old Adaze Jaye and 23-year-old Lagantius Chamika, were apprehended with a significant quantity of mephedrone. The arrest took place on Sunday, October 29, and marked a substantial success in the fight against narcotics trafficking in the region.

First India, a local news outlet, reported that the police seized 65 grams of mephedrone, a highly potent synthetic drug, during the operation. Additionally, 65,000 Indian Rupees and a digital wave machine were confiscated from the suspects. The combined value of these seized items was estimated to be approximately 600,000 Indian Rupees, underlining the gravity of the situation.

Rakesh Yadav, the in-charge of the police operation, confirmed that both Adaze Jaye and Lagantius Chamika were taken into custody and that a case has been registered against them under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. The police have also initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter to uncover any potential drug trafficking network operating in the area.

Yadav emphasized the importance of sharing this information with higher-ranking officials and the control room to ensure that the investigation proceeds swiftly and effectively. The collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the timely sharing of critical details are crucial in dismantling drug-related criminal activities and enhancing public safety in the region.

The arrest of these individuals and the seizure of mephedrone highlight the ongoing efforts of Indian law enforcement to combat the illegal drug trade, while also shedding light on the global nature of this issue, as individuals from different countries are implicated in such cases.

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