Two Arrested for Vandalizing Armoured Cables, Plunging Yola into Water Crisis

In a swift and commendable response, the Adamawa State Police Command has apprehended two individuals, 17-year-old Emmanuel Joseph and 25-year-old Yohanna Sulei, for their alleged involvement in vandalizing armoured cables connecting the Boronji Water Treatment Plant, located behind the Government House in Yola. This brazen act of vandalism resulted in a critical disruption of water supply to the region.

Operatives from the Dougirei Divisional Police Headquarters, while on a Confidence Building Patrol along Boronji, received a distress call from the Water Treatment Plant’s manager, prompting their immediate action.

The suspects, both residents of Boronji in Yola North, are believed to have conspired to vandalize these crucial armoured cables responsible for powering the treatment plant’s lights. This deliberate act led to the shutdown of the water supply, affecting countless residents.

Investigations have revealed that the apprehended suspects were collaborating with as-yet-unidentified receivers who likely profited from the stolen cables. The Commissioner of Police, CP Afolabi Babatola, has vehemently asserted that individuals engaged in such criminal activities and their collaborators will not escape justice.

CP Babatola also issued a stern warning to anyone involved in receiving stolen items, cautioning them to cease such actions immediately or face the inevitable consequences.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding critical infrastructure and the commitment of law enforcement agencies to maintain security and preserve essential services for the public. The Adamawa State Police Command’s swift response underscores their dedication to combating crime and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

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