Trump’s Presidency Will Benefit World Economy – Dr. Christwealth

Dr. Kola Christwealth with Africa's richest man Aliko Dangote
L-R: Dr. Kola Christwealth with Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote

By Lordson Okpetu

Dr. Kola Christwealth, a Nigerian-born international businessman and politician based in Lagos, has calmed down the nerves of Nigerians home and abroad with his declaration that Trump’s presidency will benefit all economically.

The renowned economist told Concise News in a telephone interview that contrary to what Trump’s critics may want to believe, Trump’s presidency is a right choice because the US economy and indeed, the world economy, will be better off for it.

The London Graduate School alumnus said that though he respects Hillary Clinton for her tenacity as a woman, he respects Trump more as a successful business man.

Christwealth said he believes that America, and indeed the world, will benefit from Trump’s business sagacity. He also added that Nigeria can’t be an exception.

He agrees that Trump might not be perfect but that American institutions are strong enough to smoothen the rough edges around important decisions Trump would be taking as US president.

Dr. Kola Christwealth, a financial Member of UK Labour Party, and former Chairman, Finance and Investment Group of the 4th Nigeria International Power Conference told Concise News that he believes America has made the right decision in choosing Trump.

“I think both the republican and and the democratic parties presented candidates good enough for the white house.

“Though many expected Hillary Clinton to win, I expected Trump to win by a narrow margin,” Christwealth said.

He also said that Donald Trump edged Clinton out of the race because all through the campaign he (Trump) kept telling the white Americans what they needed to hear.

Tax evasion

Christwealth dismissed as false allegations of tax evasion leveled against Trump in the run up to the elections. He said Trump did not violate the law in his business proceedings.

The economist said Trump, as a smart business man, has only devised a way to guard his business capital from over-taxation. He’s of the opinion that American economy will greatly benefit from Trump’s business knowledge.

In a related development, a respected security consultant, Ibrahim Garba, has also stated that Trump’s ideas on economy will affect Nigeria positively.

“As a business mogul, Trump would certainly jump at good business relationship with Nigeria in the interest of both countries,” Garba disclosed to NAN.

“This would affect Nigeria because things would be more competitive; Trump is a man who knows about money; he does not throw money around.

“For you to do any business with America you have to be serious. From a business prospective, if Nigerians know what they are bringing to the table and it’s of value, Donald Trump will approve it,” Garba said.

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