Nigeria Will Likely Get Less Grants, Aids From Trump Administration – MAN

Donald Trump
US president-elect Donald Trump

Agency report

The President, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Dr. Frank Jacobs, says the United States of America may reduce support in terms of grants and aids to Nigeria considering the conservative orientation of the Republicans.

Jacobs told the news men on Wednesday in Abuja that it was rather early to predict what the economic outlook of Nigeria would be in respect to the U.S. election.

“It is likely that the country may receive less material, moral and political support.

Nigerian immigrants in the US

Policies and programmes of the Republican government might also not be favourable to some Nigerian illegal immigrants, based on the campaign speeches of the President-elect, according to Jacobs.

Jacobs said that such immigrants, especially non-professionals, would be a burden on the country when they return.

According to him, Nigerians have contributed to the building of the American economy over the years. He added that Nigerian professionals had been making waves in the US.

“If such professionals return to Nigeria, they will help to develop the country in various professions.

“Their activities may also help to salvage the nation from the current recession and build a virile economy, ” he added.

During his campaign, U.S. President-elect, Donald Trump, had taken a swipe at political leaders in Africa. He did so on account of the level of corruption and economic backwardness in the African continent.

Trump said African leaders were bad examples for leadership and recommended that the continent be re-colonised.

“In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized for another 100 years, because they know nothing about leadership and self governance,” Trump had said during his campaign.

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