Trump’s Victory Divides Politicians In Nigeria

US president-elect Donald Trump

Politicians in Nigeria have expressed divergent opinions on the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

In separate chats with the News Agency of Nigeria, some called it a welcome development, while others remained sceptical.

Sen Tunde Kelani, former Presidential Candidate for Accord Alliance described it as a welcome development that would bring a new phase to the political environment in the U.S. and the world.

“It is a welcome development, every country has the liberty to choose what it wants. Americans have chosen their leader and they have decided what they wanted.

“I believe that America is entering a new phase that will bring a lot of changes in line with what is happening in the global arena,’’ he said.

Kilani further advised upcoming leaders to learn from the American example. He added that they have to sit up and work harder to develop the country and also fulfil their electoral promises.

The politician then expressed doubt over Trump’s threats during the campaign, stressing that campaign is different from governance.

“ He is going to be guided and regulated by the constitution.

“You can see from his speech that he said he was going to be the president of everybody. The speech is loaded, and his policy may not affect Nigeria or Africa negatively as we thought,’’ he said.

In his submission, Tanko Yunusa, Chairman National Conscience Party, noted that Trump’s victory was a big lesson for Nigerian leaders.

“For the Nigerian leaders I think there is a big lesson for them to learn.

“Those who think that they could not be defeated when in power should have a second thought.

While saying he believes Trump’s policies would help Nigeria as a nation, he called on the country’s leaders to make the nation more promising by developing all key sectors to ensure economic prosperity.

On his part, a member representing Egor/Ikpoba-okha Federal Constituency, Ehiozuwa  Agbonayinma, said that Trump’s victory spelt a doom for the world.

Agbonayinma said: ”Trump’s victory would “bring anarchy division and problems without progress.’’

“I have not seen any positive thing coming from Donald Trump’s mouth other than castigating and abusing people, dehumanising and molesting women.

“ A man that said he was going to ship all Africans out of America, a vote for him is a vote for destruction and I stand by what I said.’’

He, however, urged the newly-elected president to reconcile with all those he has offended to unite U.S. and have a smooth government.

Proffesor Gani Yoroms of international relation at the Birmingham University, said the result was very critical for U.S. because it was going to affect international politics and trade.

Yoroms described the development as unfortunate for the U.S. because the victory would pave way for Russia’s dorminance of the US.

“I don’t think the victory of Trump can make America to have any serious impact in the world

“In the international politics I believe that the U.S. will be pocked because Donald Trump in government will be much more interested in business.

“If Putin organises business activities for him he would be interested in the money.

“He won’t understand the political implication of what Putin is putting across to him so it will be very critical for the U.S.,” he said

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