Troops Neutralise Terrorists, Recover Massive Arms Cache In Sambisa Forest

Encountering the Enemy: Deep Operations in Ukuba General Areas

In a series of sustained operations aimed at eradicating terrorism from the North East, the troops of 21 Special Armoured Brigade, under the command of 7 Division/Sector 1 Operation HADIN KAI, launched a well-planned and coordinated offensive into the notorious Sambisa forest. With the support of the Air Component Command and Nigerian Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Command, the troops made significant progress as they engaged the enemy forces in the Ukuba general areas.

Neutralizing the Threat: Scores of Terrorists Defeated

During the intense battle, the troops displayed exceptional bravery and skill, successfully neutralizing scores of terrorists. Under the guidance of the Theatre Command, the soldiers fought with unwavering determination to ensure the safety and security of the region. The operation proved to be a resounding success as the terrorists’ ability to carry out attacks was significantly weakened.

A Massive Haul: Recovering the Largest Arms Cache Yet

In a major breakthrough, the troops discovered a massive cache of arms and ammunition—the largest ever found in the possession of the insurgents. The recovered items include RPG 7 tubes, RPG bombs, a Mercedes Benz truck, motorcycles, mortar tubes, shoulder grenade launchers, mortar bombs, 122 mm bombs, PG42 grenades, and a large quantity of ammunition of various calibers. Additionally, the troops seized IED-making materials, AK-47s, SMGs, grenade rifles, and other valuable hardware, dealing a significant blow to the terrorists’ capabilities.

Continuing the Fight: Resolute Progress and Local Support

Despite encountering numerous improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along their route, the troops skillfully detonated each one without suffering any casualties. The operations continue with the troops projecting their force to suspected terrorist locations, maintaining the momentum in the ongoing onslaught against the enemy.

COAS Commends the Troops: Upholding Gallantry and Determination

Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), expressed his utmost appreciation for the gallantry displayed by the troops during the operation. He commended their relentless efforts and urged them to remain resolute until terrorism and other criminal activities are completely eradicated from the Northeastern region.

Unity and Support: A Key Ingredient to Success

The troops extend their heartfelt gratitude to the local communities and well-meaning Nigerians for their prayers and unwavering support. The collaborative efforts of the locals and the military have significantly contributed to the successes achieved in the ongoing war against terrorism in the North East.

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