Tony Blair Hints At Return To Politics

Tony Blair
Tony Blair

Tony Blair may return to active politics soon. The former British Prime Minister dropped the hint while talking to Esquire Magazine.

He said his future role is not clearly defined at the moment and returning to politics is an open question. He also added that he is motivated by current happenings in Britain and anything could happen.

However, Blair, 63 enjoys little followership in Britain because of his brand of politics. He because of his role in taking Britain into the 2003 Iraq war.

As leader of the Labour party, Blair won three consecutive general elections from 1997 on a platform of centrist policies. The party has since shifted sharply to the left under veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is well known as a strident opponent of the Iraq war and Blair himself.

Blair had announced he was winding up Tony Blair Associates last month. The controversial but lucrative government advisory company had worked with several countries in the world.


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