Tinubu Urges Governors to Allocate Land for Herders

President Ahmed Bola Tinubu has urged governors across the country to allocate land for herders to graze on, stating that this could potentially mitigate the recurring clashes between herders and farmers, thereby reducing the loss of lives and agricultural produce.

Speaking at the launch of the agricultural mechanization revolution for food security and the unveiling of the refurbished domestic terminal of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu International Airport in Minna, Niger state, President Tinubu emphasized the importance of proactive measures to address the longstanding issue of farmer-herder conflicts.

His call for governors to provide grazing land reflects a broader strategy to foster peace and stability in rural communities, where tensions between farmers and herders have often led to violent confrontations and economic losses.

President Tinubu also issued a rallying cry for collective action among governors to combat hunger, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to eradicate food insecurity across the nation.

“You must care for our people, re-orientate our farming population including livestock programme. I don’t see why Nigeria cannot feed all the pupils in our schools with one pint of milk daily if our dairy system is well harnessed.

“I know what it means as an economic sabotage for roaming cows to eat up the crops and vegetation of our lands; it could be painful but when we re-orientate the herders and make provision for cattle rearing, the problems will be solved.

“The Governors should provide the lands and I as the President, I am committed in giving you a comprehensive programme that will solve this problem towards banishing hunger from the land,” president Tinubu declared.

The President said he has taken up challenges facing the country and that it is not in his character to give complaints on the job.

“When you read papers, some of us are confused whether to abuse the present or the past or make excuses for the future. Not in my dictionary. Take action now, do your best, re-engineer the finances of the country and stay ahead on the right path. Those who may be complaining now will have to understand only the persevered and consistency can make a Nation buoyant,” Tinubu remarked.

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