Tinubu Takes Swipe At Obi Over ‘Failed Nation’ Comment

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has taken a swipe at his Labour Party counterpart, Peter, for stating that Nigeria is a failed state.

Recall that at a Nigerian Bar Association conference held in Lagos in August, Obi states that Nigeria was qualified to be a failed state.

He said, “Nigeria needs an urgent transition from being a highly in-secure country to a secure country, from a disunited country to a united country, from corruption to a transparent country, and from a country of lawlessness to a country of law and order.

“But in all these, it is important that we look at where we are today, for people to understand the gravity of the journey we are going to take if we are going to transit.

“Where are we today? Nigeria is qualified to be a failed state. We have made two or three characteristics of a failed state.”

In an apparent reaction, Tinubu arrived in Abuja from London on Thursday, said Nigeria could not be acquired by anyone who tagged her failed nation.

He said, “Nigeria is not and will never be a failed country, reason I am running to serve her so as not to make it a failed country. Nobody buys a failed firm, they acquire it. Nigeria cannot be acquired by anyone who tagged her ‘failed nation’, she can only be served better.

“We have our portion of challenges like any other countries in the world but I’m prepared to serve Nigeria better, I’m prepared to build a greater ,better and more prosperous Nigeria.

“I’ve prepared for this since my day one in practical politics, politics to me means service, you can only serve based on your knowledge and understanding of the country and its people who you want to serve. I’ve grown in understanding Nigeria and her people, our challenges and practical solutions, I’ve demonstrated my capacity not just to serve while I’m serving but for the good and quality service to continue when I exit power.

“This cannot be over-emphasized. I’m not in politics to show the skills of falsehood and hate, I don’t have such skills. My ambition is for good, quality service to Nigerians…..”

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