Tinubu Receives Letter of Credence from Three Ambassador Designates

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has received Letters of Credence from three newly appointed Ambassador Designates:

H.E Lincoln Downer, who will serve as the High Commissioner Designate of Jamaica to Nigeria.

H.E Leilan Bin-Juda, appointed as the High Commissioner Designate of the Commonwealth of Australia to Nigeria.

H.E Florin Talapan, who will take on the role of Ambassador Designate of the Republic of Romania to Nigeria.

The presentation of Letters of Credence marks the formal commencement of their diplomatic roles in Nigeria.

President Tinubu expressed his warm welcome to the new appointees, emphasizing the importance of fostering strong diplomatic ties between Nigeria and their respective countries.

The arrival of these Ambassador Designates signifies the ongoing commitment to international cooperation and collaboration in various spheres including trade, culture, and education.

As they begin their tenure, the ambassadors are expected to play a pivotal role in furthering bilateral relations and promoting mutual understanding between Nigeria and their home countries.

Their diplomatic missions hold significance in the broader context of Nigeria’s engagement with the international community, contributing to the country’s diplomatic outreach and strategic partnerships on the global stage.

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