Tinubu Receives Letter of Credence from Norway, Angola, Belgium, Venezuela Ambassadors

President Bola Tinubu has formally accepted letters of credence from a quartet of distinguished ambassadors who will play a pivotal role in fostering international relations between their respective countries and Nigeria. This significant ceremony occurred on a sunny Tuesday morning at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

Ambassador Jose Bamoquine Zau, the appointed envoy of the Republic of Angola, conveyed his nation’s commitment to strengthening bilateral ties and promoting economic cooperation. The African nation’s delegation aims to further solidify its already robust alliance with Nigeria.

From Europe, Ambassador Pieter Leenknegt, designated as the Kingdom of Belgium’s representative, pledged to enhance trade, cultural exchange, and collaboration on various fronts. Nigeria and Belgium are set to embark on an exciting journey of partnership in the years to come.

Another European diplomat, Ambassador Sevin Baera, presented his credentials as the Ambassador Designate of the Kingdom of Norway, vowing to elevate diplomatic bonds and create new avenues for mutually beneficial initiatives.

Notably, the Americas were not left out of this diplomatic confluence, as Ambassador Albert Castelar, representing the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, stepped forward with a message of goodwill and collaboration for Nigeria.

This momentous occasion underscores the commitment of these nations to deepen diplomatic relations with Nigeria, transcending geographical borders and cultural diversities. As these distinguished ambassadors commence their tenures, they will work hand in hand with the Nigerian government to foster cooperation in areas such as trade, security, culture, and education.

The exchange of letters of credence is a symbol of hope and optimism for the future, signifying the beginning of fruitful partnerships that will undoubtedly benefit Nigeria and its international counterparts.

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