Tinubu Most Qualified For Presidency – Uba Sani

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Kaduna State, Uba Sani, has said the party’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, is the most qualified of all the contestants in the 2023 presidential race.

Reminding Nigerians of Tinubu’s credentials, Sani said the former governor of Lagos State fought to ensure that Democracy was enshrined in Nigeria

Sani spoke at the award ceremony of the Association of Lagos State Indigenes in Kaduna State, during the ‘Isokan Omo Eko Day’, in the state capital on Sunday.

He said, “You cannot compare Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu with other Presidential Candidates, because they were nowhere to be found when Asiwaju and people like us were fighting for the enthronement of the democracy we now enjoy today.

“I have known Asiwaju since 1992. We backed friends because we share the same convictions; the convictions for rule of law, the conviction for justice and freedom of Nigerians. We fought together for the enthronement of democracy in Nigeria.

“Nigerians should not forget that the reason we can gather here and associate freely is because of the sacrifices of some people. That is why I am calling on Nigerians to support Asiwaju Tinubu to be President of Nigeria. Of all those contesting, Tinubu is the most qualified.

“Most of the other Presidential Candidates were military apologists when Tinubu was fighting for democracy, they never supported rule of law, equality, and justice. Asiwaju did not only fight for democracy, but he also paid his dues, in fact, some of us were detained and persecuted.

“Today, we have the democracy we fought for, I believe it is the turn of Asiwaju to be President of our great nation because he has what it takes to move Nigeria to a greater height. None of the other candidates has his record of achievements and we believe he will perform excellently well.”

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