Tinubu Congratulates Keir Starmer on UK Electoral Victory

President Bola Tinubu has congratulated Prime Minister Keir Starmer on the victory of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom general election.

“As a former leader of the opposition in Nigeria, I specially note the determination and courage that the Prime Minister demonstrated throughout his years in the opposition and as the leader of the Labour Party,” said Tinubu.

He said the party’s ability to reform, mobilize, and position itself for victory after 14 years affirmed Starmer’s leadership qualities.

“I also congratulate the citizens and the government of the United Kingdom for being an abiding model of democracy.

“I look forward to deepening relations between Nigeria and the United Kingdom in mutual areas of interest and in strengthening democratic institutions, as well as in building a safer and more prosperous future for the people of both countries,” he concluded.

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